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From EV-drivers for EV-drivers

We give every day everything so YOU can enjoy your electric driving fun all year round!

The - team is a rapidly growing team of enthusiastic, experienced EV drivers with a vast knowledge base. That’s why we know your desires and needs - because these are also ours. Via this platform, we want to share with you exciting news, our expertise and introduce to you innovative products.

Our team


Christoph R. Erni

"If you need a holiday, you're in the wrong job."
(He claims he got this quote from the book "How to Win Friends". But we don’t believe him.)

Likes: electric cars, lots of work and water sports.
Dislikes: Television and envious people.
Favourite car: Tesla Model S P85D.


Marketing, Social Media

Ladina Clara Fiebiger

"If you think you're too small to make a difference, then try to sleep in the room with a mosquito."

Likes: sunflowers, adventures and backpacks.
Dislikes: ambiguity and blunt knives.
Favourite car: Energica Eco (e-bike).


Chief Editor

Daniela Märkl

"How are we? Good are we!"
(The chief editor of our new customer magazine SILENT MAG is a Bavarian. And you can hear it.)

Likes: Chai Latte, windsurfing and a hearty meal.
Dislikes: missed deadlines and fake traditional costumes (Dirndl & Lederhosen)
Favourite: BMW i8, if it was a proper EV!


Store manager

Astrid Fehr

"I have no time for coffee, have it yourself!"
(She works through all the orders in the morning, organises the deliveries ex works Germany and from our Switzerland warehouse. To get the orders out as quickly as possible, she helps the logistics team but leaves her mug of coffee behind in the office.)

Likes: lots of parcels, nice, handsome van drivers and socialising.
Dislikes: Chaos and grumpy people.
Favourite car: VW e-Golf.


Special projects

Kurt Müntener

"Electric driving means to trigger a process in your head."
(Somehow he looks into anything and everything - and especially into each and every one! This makes it exciting to work with him and helps to deliver his special projects successfully.)

Likes: studying human needs, worldwide travel and mountaineering.
Dislikes: High roaming charges and conspiracy therories.
Favourite Car: Nissan Leaf.




Dany Leuzinger

"Know-how for free. Hotlines for free. Videos for free. No wonder I have a hard job here!"

Likes: Prompt payments, Piedmont wines and flowers.
Dislikes: Messieness and bad food.
Favourite car: Rimac Concept One.



... And our warehouse team ...

in Bachenbülach und Lottstetten, every day for you.
Last but not least: Very often, Astrid, Willy, Anita and Jenny literally bend over backwards to ensure that your orders are delivered to you, our customers, on time!)



E-MOBILITY STORES AG provides expertise and accessories for electric mobility. The company gradually took over responsibility for "e-" from the Tesla Drivers’ Association, which had initially founded the site as an information platform in October, 2013. Due to the strong demand for charging and other accessories it was decided to add an e-store to the site. High growth led to us merge these interests into a new company called E-Mobility AG Stores. Free access to the complimentary knowledge base will continue and further expansion is on its way.

E-Mobility Stores AG is registered for tax and customs purposes in both Switzerland and the EU (Germany). Taxes may therefore be eligible for deductible. Goods will be shipped according to their destination either from Switzerland (for EFTA countries) or Germany (EU member states). Goods destined for EU VAT-registered companies subject to EU intra- community acquisition rules will be supplied from Germany. Orders from other countries in the world will be fulfilled as tax-exempt export and supplied from our [local?] warehouses, which may offer lower shipping costs. Address warehouse Switzerland:

Warehouse adress Switzerland:, E-Mobility Stores AG, Bramenstrasse 4, CH-8184 Bachenbülach
Warehouse adress Germany:, E-Mobility Stores AG, Feldwiesenstraß e 8, D-79807 Lottstetten


Note: Returns are accepted only by prior arrangement and by bearing of the delivery cost. Any customs fees incurred by shipments to the wrong warehouse will be charged to the consignor.
Please understand that we cannot accept customer visits neither in our warehouses nor at our headquarters.

This platform "" is powered by

E-MOBILITY STORES AG, Gewerbestrasse 7, CH-6330 Cham
(Registered office of the AG, no acceptance of goods at this address.)
Free Customer Line: +41-41 510 02 10

UID and control numbers:
Switzerland: UID CHE-242.561.038, MWSt CHE-242.561.038 VAT
Germany: UID DE295426740, Steuer-Nummer 09407/03151

Responsible i.S.d. 6 para 2 MDStV. Christoph Erni, Managing Director

Copyright (c) 2015 by E-MOBILITY STORES AG, Cham Switzerland - all rights reserved. Use of content (pictures, text, video) only permitted with written approval.