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The e-Driving Philosophy

This is where we tell all future (and maybe even just potential) electric vehicle drivers what wonders await when they get involved in driving electric. It will trigger some kind of transformation in you. - Told using the example of the Tesla Model S but the same applies for any other electric car.
(This section gets down to business. So, it's written fairly informally in an attempt to speak to your heart.)

Driving electric ... a paradigm shift in your life

It is irrelevant whether or not you’ve purchased a Model S because you want to be particularly economical and environmentally friendly on the move (although the equivalent of around 2.5 litres of petrol for 100 km is really quite reassuring for a premium limousine). Or if you bought it because it catapults you to 100 in 3 seconds flat and you can leave every boring old lump-of-metal Audi standing with it. Or, if you bought it just because it is incredibly good looking and it makes you look both successful and progressive. No, the Model S will take you to new dimensions. It will affect your personal standard of living and lifestyle, whether you want it to or not. It will raise you to a new level of quality. For that though, there are a couple of things you need to know first (things which should actually come from Tesla, but who are we to criticise).

Driving Electric ... weightless

Is like being in a different world. Quite different from before: Driving is no longer slow and cumbersome, feeling every bit of how hard your thunderous combustion engine has to work to move the tons of iron and sheet metal. No, in the Tesla you glide along as quietly, solidly and effortlessly as if in a Rolls Royce. The cockpit is sophisticated and yet minimalistic - thus luxury meets contemporary. Leaving plenty of room for your personality and thoughts in the process. You are no longer bombarded with the superficial opulence of other brands that shout “I want to be a premium car but I’m actually technology that is over 100 years old” all day long.

Driving Electric ... won't miss the seductive purring of your V8

Purring and misfiring do have their appeal. Especially in vintage cars. The frantic switching of gears is a great craft and a nice hobby. You can easily do one and not give up the other. In daily life however, you quickly realise: The delicate sssSS you hear from your watermelon-sized electric motor on the rear axle of your Model S is much more seductive. Reminiscent of the sound a 100-fold sound insulated turbine makes - only the thrust is better. And you notice: loud was yesterday.

Driving Electric ... pure relaxation

With the Tesla Model S, you don't just drive - you glide. Cruising has reached the new millennium. The feeling of being stressed on the road is completely gone. You arrive twice as relaxed as before. That is definitely not only to do with the quiet, but also the awareness that you have virtually immeasurable energy reserves anytime and can overtake a slowcoach in no time at all (and safely).

And the best part:

No more wasting time refuelling. Since you always charge wherever you happen to be. At home, while eating, during a business meeting - or simply at one of the many Tesla superchargers. So, every 300 km you take a 20 minute break, guzzle a cup of coffee and deal with some urgent emails. Instead of getting burned out like before, arriving at your destination infuriated and then answering put-off emails in a rush, the journey is once again the destination for you. Having arrived in the hotel, you then head straight for the spa, completely relaxed.

And, on the way home from your business meetings, you have a good excuse to seek out that beautiful hill with a restaurant at the top, eat there in the evening sun and review the day's achievements while your Tesla is charging. Before, you would have gone back to the office in a rush, fallen into bed exhausted later having had no fun at all that day - and at the end of the year, you wouldn't notice any difference in money either. But you would in your spirit though.

Make the change when you’re ready..

I’m excited to hear about your experiences.

Sincerely yours, Christoph Erni.