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Three Reasons for e-Driving

“Miracle machine”, “lightning-fast acceleration”, “a sensation, especially for a start-up”, “makes the Aston Martin look really, really old fashioned”...this is what the media are saying about electric cars. You might even venture to test drive a vehicle with new drive technology – if these sceptical reactions were not all around. There are some solid arguments in favour of electric driving however:

Fact 1

E-driving is for sharp calculators

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is less than half compared to vehicles with combustion engines. The costs of buying e-vehicles are today not much more than for other vehicles in the same class. The operating costs (energy, insurance, tax) are, depending on the country, just 10-30% however compared with combustion engines. With no parts at risk of wear and tear and fluids, there are few to no maintenance costs and e-vehicles can withstand at least 500,000 km as a cautious estimate.

Calculated over five years, a Tesla Model S thus costs the same as a VW Golf, a Renault Zoe and a premium scooter.

Fact 2

E-driving is for the image conscious

The world has always been driven forward by people who recognise what is changing before the masses. You don’t have to be an esoteric to realise that the time for flashiness, ruthlessness and noise is over. Elegance, an easygoing lifestyle, and the responsible but fun-filled handling of resources are the virtues of the future. E-drivers experience all of that in their mobility every day - while proving a great source of inspiration to all those who travel with them in their futuristic machines.

Fakt 3

Fact 3

E-driving is for those interested in the environment

Waste has never been great – but vehicles with combustion engines produce exactly that. It is a different story with electric vehicles: Even a limousine and the Tesla Model S, weighing around 2 tons, only need the equivalent of around 2 litres of petrol converted over 100 km. How is that possible? E-engines are just more efficient because any delay actually results in the recovery of quite a lot of energy. Add to that the fact that you can simply fuel up with energy produced by hydro, wind and solar power. That means if ALL cars were electric, that would still only make an additional 9% of today's total power consumption!

Truly astounding that over the years, we haven't realised that...

...of 100% petrol, we only use 15% for driving and the rest is lost in heat.
...that we simply brake away endless amounts of energy everyday instead of somehow reusing it.
...of 100% of cars, over 80% drag along additional wearing parts just so that this highly-complex marvel of a gas explosion machine does not fail. Belts, camshaft, spark plugs. Oil pan, fan belt, gearbox. Air filter, oil filter, radiator. An e-car does not need any of those.

In any case, there seem to be some points to be raised in favour of a change in technology. Worth a try, right? You have very little to lose in doing so, if you don't like it, simply stick with the old technology. Conventional petrol models are not about to disappear anytime soon either. After all, traditional record players are still around today ;-)

One more thing: If you do happen to book a test drive today (just like that and without any intention of course), then don’t say we didn't warn you. Prepare for the worst. Expect to fall in love all over again. Fancy a bet?