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E-SAFE Protective Connector Case

$53.00 ($53.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 0.1 kg




E-SAFE Protective Connector Case

Wherever you extend a cable, you have to bear in mind that some joker will come along and disconnect it. It is annoying and results in an uncharged vehicle next morning. Even worse when a child plays around with it and possibly gets badly injured - and ultimately, as driver, you have to prove that you exercised sufficient care. All that is now a thing of the past - thanks to the lockable E-Safe case.


Secure protection

With the E-Safe Protective Connector Case you can lock your CEE 32 extension coupling (and of course smaller connectors as well). Simply place the connected coupling in the case. The case is big enough to provide space even for excessively long couplings and you can plug another adapter piece in and also pack it inside. The case is made out of weather-resistant high-quality ABS plastic.



The new generation

  • Recessed cable inlets on the side (up to 20 mm diameter)
  • Lockable with the padlock provided
  • Large enough for two adapter plugs as well
  • In the Model S, best placed in the boot recess

We also give you a (fairly) water-resistant red protective foil pouch for the boot in which you can store wet cables when it is raining.



We provide you with a 2-year warranty and a 24-month guarantee on this product in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Business.



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