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Mobile Ladestation JUICE BOOSTER 2 | EV Set

New Product
$1,239.00 ($1,239.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 9.7 kg

Select your desired plug household

Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


EV Set

The smallest, safest and easiest portable 22kW charging station in the world!


click & charge: 
Attach the appropriate adapter, plug in and charge with optimum output. No buttons to press, no incorrect operation, no electrical engineering knowledge. Just charge.

safe & easy:
The only portable charging station in the world with a safe RCD B (or more precisely A/EV), which is triggered with the crucial 6mA DC residual current.
Clear, well-arranged function display, single charging box with transparent fault identification.


rial lugano
Flyer and datasheet for JUICE BOOSTER 2
download here.


Order now and profit!





The JUICE BOOSTER 2 was designed, developed, tested and optimized in 18 months of intensive work by an experienced team of e-mobility specialists around Juice Technology. Hundreds of hours of practical use, simulated fault currents, glaring heat and freezing cold in climatic chambers, rows of jolts, falls and overruns make the JUICE BOOSTER 2 the first large series product in this category.

This mobile charging station meets all standards, including those that will come into force in early 2018. You are buying a future-proof device.



Key advantages

Everything on the JUICE BOOSTER 2 has been designed for fast, trouble-free, safe operation. The model was the mobile phone charger: plug it in and it works.

You will find these decisive advantages on the JUICE BOOSTER 2:





  • The JUICE BOOSTER 2 features automatic adapter recognition. This ensures that the charger is always set to the optimum charging capacity. An overload of sockets is thus excluded.
  • Juice Technology has developed the future-proof JUICE CONNECTOR adapter plug for this purpose. This is automotive certified and already designed to cover future functions. Because your investment in the JUICE BOOSTER 2 and in the adapters should be sustainable.
  • The JUICE CONNECTOR lie well in the hand, are easy to plug in and, thanks to a throw-over ring mechanism, can be "pulled out" without risk of injury. They connect securely and waterproof.
  • On the network side, adaptors for type 2 and, for travellers to France, type 3c are also available. This means that the JUICE BOOSTER 2 can also be used on public charging points, effectively replacing the separate charging cable. In other words, you no longer need a separate, space-consuming Type 2 cable. Less copper, less weight, less cable clutter.


Scope of delivery

Distribution package

In the standard version, the set contains

  • The mobile chaging station JUICE BOOSTER 2

and the following 3 safety adapters:

  • 1 Household plug depending on selection (Schuko (CEE 7/7) or T13 (CH)
  • CEE16 red (3-phase, 16A)
  • CEE32 red (3-phase, 32A)
  • Typ2-Stecker ist ausgelegt auf 1- und 3-phasiges Laden, bis zu 32A (22 kW)


  • A transport case with velcro strips to hold the case neatly in position on the carpet in the boot space
  • Protective caps for all JUICE CONNECTOR plugs
  • Manual, guarantee certificate, vouchers




Producs name:  Juice Booster 2    
Weight  1.0 kg excluding cable
 3.2 kg with cable and plug
Size  70 mm diameter x 225 mm length    
Material and colour  Aluminium, anodised anthracite
 Rubber end caps
Charging intensity  6 - 32 A, 1- and 3-phase    
   230 / 400 V    
Charging capacity  1.3 - 22 kW    
Charging mode  Mode 2    

Possible connections at mains end via automatically detected adapters

 Schuko (CEE 7/7)
 T13 / T23 (CH)
 Typ G BS1363 (UK)
 Typ L (IT)
 CEE 16 blue 230V (Camping)
 CEE 32 blue (UK, FR)
 T15 / T25 (CH)
 CEE 16 red
 CEE 32 red
 Typ 2
 Typ 3b
with more being added on a regular basis


Mains end cable length

 1.4 m

Vehicle-end connection  Typ 2    
Vehicle-end cable length  3.1 m    
Overall length  ca. 5 m    
rial lugano
Handbuch JUICE BOOSTER 2 - Deutsch
hier herunterladen.
rial lugano
Manual JUICE BOOSTER 2 - English
download here.


The JUICE BOOSTER 2 provides these benefits::

  • Fully automatic adapter recognition. No need to press any buttons, simply plug in and charge correctly.

  • Correct DC residual current protection. In the case of any DC residual current flowing from the car, prevents any RCD A installed in the building from being blinded making it impossible to trigger.

  • Adaptable to specific circumstances in France, England and Norway.

  • Earth conductor check can be temporarily disabled. Often seen abroad, e.g. in Italy: When a residual current flows off into the generally correct domestic installation via the neutral conductor, for technical reasons the earth conductor checks report an error. Now this is no longer a problem.

  • Completely sealed, completely drive-over resistant - both the JUICE BOOSTER 2 itself and the JUICE CONNECTOR safety connector.







Frequently Asked Questions:

"Can I use the JUICE BOOSTER 2 instead of a normal wall box at home?"

Yes. Also coming soon, an elegant and economical wall bracket, that can even be used to remove the booster with a handle if required. If you do use the JUICE BOOSTER 2 as a “wall box”, not only will you save on expensive installation fees, but also on a separate expensive RCD.


"Does that mean that I can simply connect to any existing outlet?"

Yes. Because the JUICE BOOSTER 2 includes all the safety precautions stipulated today and much, much more.


"I would like to charge using the JUICE BOOSTER 2 in my garage and I have therefore had a red CEE 16 outlet installed by an electrician. That now means I need an expensive RCD B residual current device for 800 Euros. Is that really necessary?"

No, absolutely not. Depending on the country, an RCD A is stipulated for industrial outlets but it only costs around 20 - 40 Euros whereas the RCD B is approximately 20x more expensive. This would be of no benefit at all for e-vehicle charging however because it only prevents DC residual currents at 10 - 30 mA. An upstream RCD A protecting the building will already be blinded and non-functional from 6 mA however.
That is why the worry-free package is incorporated into the JUICE BOOSTER 2: It contains an RCD that detects all possible residual currents and is triggered sufficiently early. So, you can save on the 800 Euro RCD and your electrician can cancel his holiday again.


"Is it possible to also single-phase charge with a 3-phase connector (former BMW i3)?"

Yes. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 automatically detects, at the mains end and the vehicle end, the maximum number of phases and maximum power possible. The Juice Technology guiding principle: Just use the adapter that fits in the socket. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 automatically does the rest correctly.


"If the adapter is detected automatically, can I still reduce the charging current if I want to?"

Yes. Before you start charging, you can lower the amp value to the desired setting using the SELECT button. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 will remember the set value (even in the case of a power failure in the meantime) unless you connect a different adapter.


"I have reduced-price night-time electricity at home after 22:00. Can I plug the JB2 into the unpowered outlet (CEE 16 3Ph) so I can charge my Zoe, for example, from 01:00 at 16A (the outlet is controlled by a timer switch)?"

Yes. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 remembers the set value (even in the case of no voltage in the meantime) unless you plug in a different adapter. As soon as your outlet has power, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 will boot up and start the vehicle charging process.



We provide you with a 2-year warranty and a 24-month guarantee on this product in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Business.


Mobile charging station JUICE BOOSTER 2 $999.00 ($999.00 excl VAT) each