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Car set for illegally parked cars at charging points “E-FINGER”

For Free
Free Weight: 0.05 kg



A Set of 12 tickets for illegal parked cars – free of charge *!

Whether you order more products or not, we'll give you this little card set. Without any further commitment, simply because it is good for electro mobility awareness! (1 set with 12 cards per order.)

Edition 2017: 12 identical cards, different texts on front and backside, but unfortunately in GERMAN only. For English cards go to the 2018 edition E-BOO.

(* Instead of EUR / CHF / USD 6, -;. Plus shipping; 1 free product per order)


A well-known problem for electric car drivers: You are heading for the nearest charging station to treat yourself to a coffee and your car a few kilowatts - and find the space is ICED.

Because many ICE drivers often block charge points, we offer this set of 12 tickets for illegal parked cars, so they can notify the ICE parker discreetly of their mistake.

(Different texts on front and back.)


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