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$219.00 ($219.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 2.8 kg

Car Mats Options



e-driver Premium Car Mats - made in Switzerland

We have searched out and tested the perfect fit with a traditional manufacturer. Top-quality materials and first-class workmanship make these mats an absolute pleasure. They are wholly and exclusively manufactured for us in Switzerland. Not cheap, they are certainly value for money.


The best materials

PREMIUM tufted velour, 2500 g/m2. . Forget everything you know about car mats. These are the highest-end mats you could put down in your vehicle. Not to mention the fact that they are extremely sturdy, low maintenance and easy to clean. Complete with non-slip foam rubber backing and of course, each part is meticulously hand-finished. In colours to match the model S leathers

- Anthracite: very similar to the standard mats, slightly brighter and more cheerful.
- Black: just that little bit darker black for a touch of sophistication.
- Beige: the best option to go with beige leather seats.
Same colour tone, stunning effect.
-Light Silver: extremely stylish with grey leather, bright and cheerful.
- Pewter: the perfect complement to grey or black leather. Makes the footwell warm
and inviting.


CASUAL classic velour, durable. These mats are real workhorses, virtually indestructible, still a lot better than many other car mats and available in elegant graphite black. A durable rubber backing makes them non-slip. The incredible price means they are suitable for use as winter mats or instead of rubber mats. If they get dirty or damaged, simply replace with new ones.


TREMOLA Non-Slip Mat, studded. Dark Silver Grey. These mats are available for the boot and the front trunk (nos. 2, 3 and nos. 4, 5). Your luggage might still tip over but there will be no more slipping. Guaranteed.


PROTECTOR Rubber Mats, ribbed, for hardcore use. Off-roading? Exploring? Outdoor sports? Carrying garden equipment? Young children? (List in order of wear and tear on the material) - No matter, these mats take it all in their stride. And they are also pleasingly non-slip (although not a patch on our non-slip mats of course). Snow, water and dirt are efficiently retained in the grooves and not spread throughout the car. Easy to clean.


Personality in the design

Depending on the model and your requirements, all driver and passenger mats come with...

  • ... bayonet locks as attachment points
  • ... or velcro tabs on the reverse of the mat.

The patented bayonet fasteners can also be purchased from us separately for your standard mats and fitted yourself with a little skill. This is particularly useful for the Model S up to approx. late 2014 in which the floor mats did not yet have attachments. Put an end to passenger mats constantly folding back and driver's mats stay exactly where they should even with active pedal use.

...and the logo

Looking to customise? Finish your mats with your monogram or a logo of your choice. This could be your company emblem, your family crest or the Tesla “T”. You dream, we deliver. We have a multitude of ideas at the ready for all situations here that we will happily provide you with in high resolution:

car mats

Ideas for individual stitchery of driver's and passenger carpet


car mats

Order form for monogram stitchery



We provide you with a 2-year warranty and a 24-month guarantee on this product in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Business.

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